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A guide to creative spaces in Coburg

A thriving arts community creates a more liveable neighbourhood.

From an artist’s perspective, creative spaces provide an accessible, collaborative environment in which to foster creativity.

They allow for increased efficiency from co-location and greater recognition of artists and their work.

For the community, creative spaces anchor arts districts and expand public access to art.

They drive economic growth by attracting additional artists, arts businesses and organisations to an area, and may boost property values.

Coburg has long been a suburb known for its creative culture, art installations and innovative practices.

So, it should come as no surprise to learn that the area offers the ideal environment to get the creative juices flowing.

In celebration of art and innovation in the community, here are some of Coburg’s finest creative spaces:

MESMA Studio

MESMA Studio in Coburg. Image credit: MESMA Studio.

MESMA Studio

This co-working and multimedia arts space in Coburg is home to 13 artists and small businesses, ranging from communications professionals to photographers, ceramic artists, graphic designers and web developers.

Lease a studio and turn it into an office space, design studio, visual art room, or something completely different.

At MESMA Studio, you can also hire space by the hour if you’re looking for somewhere to run a workshop, meeting or event.

Bighouse Arts

Bighouse Arts features art and design studios. Image credit: Bighouse Arts

Bighouse Arts

A group of friends founded Bighouse Arts in 2016, with the goal of creating a collaborative space for like-minded artists and professionals to come together.

Bighouse Arts features art and design studios, communal co-working spaces, rehearsal rooms and more.

You can lease a private studio, a desk space, or hire a space by the hour.

Magnet Rehearsal and Recording Studios

Magnet Rehearsal and Recording Studios in Coburg North. Image credit: Magnet Rehearsal and Recording Studios.

Magnet Rehearsal and Recording Studios

Musically minded folk can access roomy rehearsal spaces and recording studios at this affordable venue in North Coburg.

The site was once home to a mushroom farm, but now features five studios equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Musicians and sound artists of all abilities are welcome at Magnet Rehearsal and Recording Studios.

Melbourne City Ballet

Melbourne City Ballet in Coburg offers dance classes. Image credit: Melbourne City Ballet.

Melbourne City Ballet

Looking to get active? Melbourne City Ballet in Coburg offers courses and classes for anyone wishing to learn to dance.

They range from general fitness classes to technical development.

FernArtz offers a range of creative classes. Image credit: FernArtz.


FernArtz is an arts studio showcasing the works of Fern Smith and artists across media. Pop-ups are welcome.

A range of fun, creative classes are available, ranging from still life classes to puppet making.

Norm Warehouse

Norm Warehouse features 11 studios. Image credit: Norm Warehouse.

Norm Warehouse

If you’re looking for a workshop, studio or shared creative space, check out Norm Warehouse.

It offers a hand-on learning environment to tinker and use woodwork and metalwork tools.

Featuring 11 studios, a huge workshop and plenty of shared space for hosting events or running workshops, organisers hope to offer an affordable and accessible outlet for the community.