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The Boot Factory

Tucked away along Pentridge Boulevard is a café that goes by the name of The Boot Factory; a unique name fashioned from unique origins. The café draws on the building’s heritage as the original factory where Pentridge prisoners would fix shoes and boots of their guards. Today, the building is purposed in another fashion, for those in need of a coffee fix.

This unique ‘family restoration’ is known for its breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Boot Factory boasts of Toby’s Estate’s ‘well rounded’ sweet and nutty coffee and an adventurous menu. Their friendly and attentive staff paired with ‘sensitively’ styled interiors make for a relaxing and homely environment, soothing enough ‘to settle a baby’. Whether it the need to tame the stomach or quench a thirst, The Boot Factory provides its diners with a truly unique eating experience.

Address: 19 Pentridge Blvd, Coburg, VIC 3058
Website: thebootfactory.com.au
(03) 9354 4369